Functional JavaScript for everyone

Functional programming is becoming more and more popular. It's quite obvious that there are many benefits on using FP elements on server side. How does it look like in JavaScript world? I will focus on functional concepts that can improve our every day work. I won't talk about monads, functors and other mathematical concepts. We'll see how functional style can improve our codebase, make it more readable or simplify complex problems. Samples will be presented in JavaScript, but concepts are general for every programming language. Speaker: Bartłomiej Witczak

React - from zero to hero

React is currently one of the most popular and powerful front-end library. With the increase in complexity of web applications, React offers powerful one-way data flow philosophy that easily scales from small to enterprise applications. We'll start from the basics - React philosophy. We'll present and experiment with heart of React ecosystem - components: * Component basics * Component composition * Passing data between components * Keeping and modifying state * Inter-component communication We want to provide solid fundamentals for working with React. Speaker: Bartłomiej Witczak & Marek Piechut