The forgotten art of Mentoring

When did you last care, help or even accompany someone, a colleague for instance, on his life journey? We produce ever more content, day in and day out. Either for our blogs, while organizing communities or when pointing out to the internet where our whole knowledge is to be found. Haven't we forgotten the "human being" in this avalanche of information? We all learn, but so few of us do it through mentoring. The word mentoring can be scary for some. But mentoring is like a superpower that anyone can use. In this talk we will talk about learning, teaching, leading, accompanying and even letting be. We will discuss the role of a mentor and the differences with a coach, a godfather and a boss. How do you act as a mentor or a mentee, and what makes this relationship so unique and so fruitful? Finally, the audience we will make its first step toward mentoring through a practical exercise.